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Stephen Hale, Vegetable staticks, or, An account of some statical experiments on the sap in vegetables

Edenfern™ has been shown to remove arsenic deposited in the soil through heavy industrial and agricultural activities. And does so without the benefit of genetic manipulation.

“Discovered in the southeastern U.S. by university researchers, this beautiful fern has a unique ability to soak up arsenic from the ground into its fronds, which may be clipped and disposed of safely. With a powerful cleaning action 200 times stronger than in other plants, the fern quickly lowers soil arsenic levels. Use the edenfern soil cleaner if you know arsenic is in the ground, or even 'just in case' - because whether or not arsenic is present, the fern serves as an attractive addition to a lawn or garden.”

So while they're giving you peace of mind in peace and quiet™, they're sucking out poison and carcinogenic chemicals. Hope they can also suck out shit?

Obviously, I'm repeating myself here, but this fern is worth mentioning again, a second time to point out that it is commercially available exclusively from Edenspace Systems Corporation. The name sounds mildly sinister, nevertheless the company offers actual working solutions to environmental degradation: phytoremediation of lead, uranium, chromium, and other metals, metalloids and organic compounds; brownfield site development and use; wetlands restoration and protection. Etc. No superficial cosmetics. Just heavy duty stuff.

So if you ever need scientific expertise to realize your phytoremediating woodland housing project or need help in capitalizing on your discovery of uranium-eating microbes and bomb-eating mushrooms, give Edenspace a call.

Still, one wishes they sponsor an artist residency program as well.

Edenspace Systems Corporation
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