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Please pardon the recent inactivity. Five weeks ago, my hard drive suffered a major crash, the sort of complete and systematic failure that instantly erases months, or years in some cases, of labor into the nothing-evermore. Gone. Sayonara. Or to impulsively hijack an oft quoted Gertrude Stein phrase: There is no there there.

Suffice to say that in between bouts of hysterical weeping and sudden, intense flashes of Frostian awareness, I've been trying to recover ever since. It wasn't a total disaster as I originally feared though, but unfortunately, all Pruned-related materials were lost. The blog now survives precariously in the servers of Blogger. Irregular posting will be the status quo around here as I try to refill my now severely diminished archives and recreate my notes and drafts to the nearly two months worth of future posts that were wiped clean during the meltdown. But hopefully, some semblance of regularity will return.
  • xenmate
  • May 28, 2006 at 8:13:00 PM CDT
  • Jesus that's terrible!

    The good news is you are back though!


  • Anonymous
  • May 28, 2006 at 9:34:00 PM CDT
  • good to hear that you are fighting back from this ... you have been missed!

  • Anonymous
  • May 29, 2006 at 11:37:00 AM CDT
  • Tsss. You read my mind.

    _Yesterday_ I checked for your mail address to ask about the blog and to mention that you still have devoted readers waiting for new posts..

    Welcome back.

  • Anonymous
  • May 29, 2006 at 2:16:00 PM CDT
  • Oh my!

    I read a quote by some smart, cheeky guy to the tune that, "someday all of humanity's knowledge will be put into a device the size of a thumbnail and be promptly lost."

    On a more selfish note: I'm glad you're back sharing the architecturally sublime with us!

  • e-tat
  • May 29, 2006 at 5:22:00 PM CDT
  • Aargh.

    But, having had a system failure last November, which has only been resolved in the last two weeks, after a subsequent failure of the new hard drive, and a very time-consuming recovery process, I have ingrained the habit of backing things up every-which-where, including a couple of places online.

    If you're thinking about a similar strategy, and cannot rely on work servers to make backups of your files, a combination of gmail, FURL and blinklist go a long way towards a solution. Gmail is pretty easy to use as file storage, and the social bookmarking sites are good for keeping track of tags and snippets.

    Hardware/software solutions are also worth looking into, but I've found that the key solution is just to develop the habit of making backups.

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