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The interactive kicking fountain
At the moment, there are only two simple ways to interact with the Smart Fountain™: 1) shake your feet to frighten it away, and 2) wiggle your fingers to coax it back to a vigorous spout.

Smart Foutain™

But no doubt more gestures and motion capture algorithms are in the works, and soon you'll be dancing like Michael Jackson during his glory days, like a conjurer of phantasmagorical aquatic tricks.

Or a rain-soaked Gene Kelly channeling a frolicking Anita Ekberg channeling a delectable Esther Williams in a frothy Busby Berkeley musical extravaganza. With any fountain in any park anywhere. Or with the Mississippi River. Reenact the riotous passages of The Rite of Spring and the Yangtze River prematurely bursts through the floodgates of the Three Gorges Dam.

Leidenfrost Fountain
Landscape Architecture: The Musical
Earth Fountain Redux
The “45.5 Meteorite Craters Made by Humans on Their 45.5 Hundred Million Year Old Planet” Fountain
Naoya Hatakeyama & Geoff's Earth-Fountain©
La Machine de Marly
Columbus Circle
“Don't move that fountain!”
  • Anonymous
  • September 21, 2006 at 10:58:00 AM CDT
  • infranatural exhibited at m&a and came up with a few more motion triggers - plus the response algorithms were embedded with personalities!
    check it:

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