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Postscripts I
Tourism Infrastructure

In lieu of a set of Prunings, here's the first entry for our new irregular feature, Postscripts.

#1: Vis-à-vis Hu Yang's photodocumentary on Shanghai living, see Michael Wolf's own investigation into density in Hong Kong.

#2: Remember how we were hysterically lamenting over the demise of the ACEMVD's Visual Images Database? Apparently, it wasn't defunct; it was simply being moved to a new server.

#3: And remember Hal the Coyote? He died only a week after his capture just as he was being prepared for release. Cause of death: “heartworm infection and internal bleeding caused by his ingestion of rodent poison,” which were exacerbated by the “stress of captivity and handling during the release.” Poor fella.

#4: The first Edible Estate was in Salina, Kansas. For the second Fritz Haeg chose a site owned by the Foti Family in Los Angeles. And then The New York Times came for a visit.

#5: After reading our post on the Leidenfrost Fountain, phronesisaical reminisced about their trip to Nepal where they encountered water moving uphill.

#6: We asked: Is there a medianeras Flickr Pool? Yes. In fact, there are two: Medianeras and The Unconscious Art of Demolition. So go now and contribute.

  • Anonymous
  • July 17, 2006 at 4:20:00 AM CDT
  • Hello,

    haven't visited you for a while.
    this war going on in Israel, has made me change my habit as a web surfer...any how i'm happy to be here again, so much interesting beautiful stuff!

    The Shanghai living is amazing as all what you are writting about,
    i thank you for many moments to come, for me, while visiting your space.

  • Anonymous
  • July 19, 2006 at 2:51:00 PM CDT
  • The location of the photo is from the Meteor Crater visitor centre in Arizona, looking north I think.

  • Anonymous
  • July 20, 2006 at 5:11:00 PM CDT
  • Sure thing. I took almost the exact same photo, centered more on the mtns in the left of the frame.

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