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Protoflorafauna, or: 7 “terrestrial activities of aliens,” Part VI

Some have speculated this to be a video of a newly discovered breeding ground for the next generation of Superviruses. Amidst the steam and din of the jungle, roboticized tendrils fold HIV into Ebloa intermingling with SARS-polio hybrids. But many believe it's a covert recording of an arboretum tended to by a reclusive multi-billionaire Dubai sheik intent on invasively populating The World. Still others think it's the long lost Garden of Earthly Delights, the setting to so many of Don Aguirre's pederastic hilarious trysts with Alice Dr. Moreau. No one, however, wants to consider that it's just a music video by 1st Avenue Machines for Alias' “Sixes Last.”

The Technolicious Arboretum
Extreme Horticulture
Revival Field
Bouffant Topiary
Edouard François


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