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Prunings XXIII
The Adventures of Junior Raindrop (1948)

On hydrology.

As a tourist attraction.

How do you make water out of thin air? Apparently, it's a secret. But some things are known about the machine that can provide water to troops in Iraq for 30 cents a gallon instead of $30 a gallon.

For future Kennedy clans and Halliburton executives, here are some ways to profit from the coming world hydrological war.

A $3 water purifier that could save lives.

In Science Magazine's August special issue on freshwater resources, you will learn how geography, politics, and war combine to make the Gaza Strip a worst-case scenario for water-resource planners.

From NPR: “The City of Philadelphia has set a goal to reduce the rainwater runoff that pollutes local rivers and causes flooding. They are focusing on measures to create places where rain is quickly absorbed into the ground, rather than sheeting off pavement.”

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