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Sunnydale Trailer Park

Nothing will bring your dinner guests to discuss ironically about urban blight, spectacularly failed city planning policies and grotesque economic inequalities faster than David Monsen's graphically neat wallpaper, Sunnydale Trailer Park.

Neo-Baroque for the socially conscious.

Sunnydale Trailer Park

Or could this be a new form of environmental determinism? Plaster this all over the nursery, and you've got yourself the next Daniel Burnham. Use it to cover the walls of a kindergarten classroom, and you'll soon have a litter of future Baron Haussmanns. But whether that's a good thing or not will depend largely on the prevailing mood, fickle or otherwise, of landscape urbanists 20 years hence.

Sunnydale Trailer Park

Next on the production line: Addis Ababa Slums, Harare Squatter City, Rio de Janeiro Favela, Casbah Algiers, Sadr City.
  • Unknown
  • October 4, 2014 at 9:03:00 PM CDT
  • Where can I find this wallpaper?

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