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Prunings XXIX
Bernard Lassus

1) DMZOO by David Yang

A dystopian vision of a cloning facility and zoo for the de-militarized zone in Korea.

2) Pamphlet Architecture 28: Augmented Landscape by Smout Allen

Features a landscape architecture practice for the first time in Pamphlet history. London's Smout Allen presents five projects that respond to the way in which man has enlarged the landscape through architecture and infrastructure, manipulating and blurring perceptions of what is natural and what is artificial.

3) The Hanging Cemetery of Baghdad by Nannette Jacowski and Ricardo O.C. de Ostos

Proposal for a gigantic funerary structure floating above war torn Baghdad.

4) Transient Sedimentation by Lars Kordetzky

Contemporary cities are characterized by fluidity. They grow beyond their borders and converge along different lines. Some cities are erased by natural occurrences, while other disappear due to the construction of dams and are rebuilt at other locations. Transient Sedimentation explores the effect of movement and relocation on cities and landscapes and includes experimental architecture in Manhattan, Vienna, and other locations.

5) La Conchita mon amour by Christina McPhee

A site study of the aftermath of a deadly debris that occurred in 2005 in the town of La Conchita, California, north of Los Angeles. La Conchita remaps the problematic of living with disaster in California in immediate, raw terms. Global warming appears to be accelerating the danger. Without resources for healing or leaving, La Conchita lives on in abandonment. McPhee's images reach through obsessive layers of visual data towards an integration beyond the material facts of the site. The large-scale images that result from this process are topologies of absence and recovery.


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