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Prunings XXXVIII
Richard Barnes / Animal Logic

On hydropower and why it doesn't count as clean energy.

On Sydney's ocean pools. In B&W but nevertheless absolutely fascinating Suprematist shapes carved into the city's rocky perimeter.

On Minnesota's sensible plan to generate $20 trillion in revenue by diverting water from Lake Superior to the parched Southwest, as reported by Garrison Keillor in 1995.

On Brooke Singer, a Yahoo! Pick profile on the creator of Superfund365.

On underground wind farms. A coalition of local utilities in Iowa is “building a system that will steer surplus electricity generated by a nearby wind farm to a big air compressor (diagram). Connected to a deep well, the compressor pumps air into layers of sandstone. Some 3,000 feet down and sealed from above by dense shale, the porous sandstone acts like a giant balloon. Later, when demand for power rises, this flow is reversed. As the chamber empties, a whoosh of air flows back up the pipe into a natural-gas-fired turbine.”

On ghost craters, uncharted territories, and the organic remains of a former world.

  • richmanwisco
  • October 21, 2007 at 12:50:00 PM CDT
  • Thought provoking articles to be sure. The wind storage scheme seems implausible, yet it was reported in a straight up magazine.

    Methane degassing surely needs more study, but let's not forget that water will be around quite a bit longer than oil, so don't ditch the baby with the bath water.

    The Garrison Keillor piece, however, was typical tongue-in-cheekiness by the master himself.

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