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Prunings XLVIII

The New Republic on the demographic inversion of the American city. For example, “Chicago is gradually coming to resemble a traditional European city—Vienna or Paris in the nineteenth century, or, for that matter, Paris today. The poor and the newcomers are living on the outskirts. The people who live near the center—some of them black or Hispanic but most of them white—are those who can afford to do so.”

BBC News on the first truly global map of the world's rocks.

New Statesman on the secret history of Vienna's Nazi flak towers. “These reinforced concrete colossi...still dominate their surroundings without a hint of remorse” but they “do not exist as part of 'official' Vienna, the tourist temple to Mozart, Strauss and chocolate cake. Other than a brief mention in guidebooks and the occasional academic study, they are invisible. Yet Vienna is, of course, also the city of Sigmund Freud, and these relics of a dark past are poised to burst out of the city's subconscious.”

BBC News on Bangladesh's growing landmass: “1,000 square kilometres” over the “next 50 years,” according to Maminul Haque Sarker of the Dhaka-based Centre for Environment and Geographic Information Services. But Dr. Atiq Rahman, a lead author of a UN report on climate change, says this may not make the country any less vulnerable: “The rate at which sediment is deposited and new land is created is much slower than the rate at which climate change and sea level rises are taking place.” In other words, The Army Corps of Engineers: The Game is still on.

Cabinet Magazine and Rosalind Williams on subterranean spaces.

Bustler on the CityRacks competition to find new solutions for NYC’s bike locking/parking fixtures. The finalists are announced.


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