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Tempelhof See
Tempelhof See

NURBN has a counter-proposal to Jakob Tigges' own counter-proposal for the adaptive reuse of Berlin's Tempelhof Airport: an artificial lake.

Flooding the recently closed Tempelhof Airport would open up a catalogue of new opportunities for the city, not least a vast beach with what would become the largest beach hut on earth forming a grand backdrop. Surfing and beach volleyball would come to central Berlin, bringing with them a fresh wave of slackers, hippies and drop-outs to contain the growing army of yuppies and investors. Parts of the reservoir could be left to nature, forming wetlands and wildlife reserves, other parts could be given over to city infrastructure such as forms of energy generation and water cleansing systems (solving the sewage problem).

Provide for an access system radiating throughout this inland sea from its sandy edges, and you can transform this new negative mountain into a destination, which is definitely something that's a thousand times more interesting than some clusters of buildings and trees surrounded by turf.

Urban infrastructure designed as a tourist attraction.

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