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Flux-us! Flux-you! Flux-me!
Homeaway by Terreform 1

The fabulous Junk Jet has just released their third issue, and it sounds amazing. They asked for:

Fluxing architectures, boogie, buildings, rolling rocks, flying architectures, provisory pyramids, and temporary eternities; for all kinds of practical concepts and conceptual practices, for stable happenings and unstable thoughts, for lifted cellars and dug in landmarks, for curtains, mobiles, house boats, bubbles, zeppelins, flying saucers.

And they got:

Fantastic forms of material, immaterial, physical and mental flux. Not only were immovables made movable, but also were put forth moving ideas of aesthetic, social, and political concern. We recognize that it is in microarchitectures, where architecture resides today, that speculations cannot be hilarious enough, and that the post-digital is the era we already live in.

We're thrilled that one of the contributors is David L. Hays. His piece will give an update on his investigations into thermally-responsive, dynamic structural systems, a research project which he had begun for his 2001 thesis work, Sentient Architecture, and then continued during an academic career predominantly occupied with landscape history and theory.

“As a practice of design in which boundaries between art and technology are fully dissolved and in which form is both motivated and modified by shifting conditions of environment,” Hays wrote in his project statement, “sentient architecture conflates concepts of structure and environment that have hitherto been at odds, thereby allowing architecture and landscape to be theorized as a single discipline.“

It is exactly what Junk Jet was looking for.

Homeaway by Terreform 1

Homeaway by Terreform 1

Meanwhile, we were asked to submit a piece to the issue, but unfortunately we found ourselves in several kinds of fluxes and couldn't get around to it. Sorry Junk Jet!

Our contribution was to have been a mixed bag of resampled posts, such as our proposals for an Aurora Bibliothèque; a Versailles hydrologically rendered to terrorize coastal cities; mass producing the Netherlands' Shanghai Expo pavilion as an Archigramic infrastructure for the nomadic population along the Eastern seaboard; the related supersurface of architectural diaspora; a performance art in which Maurizio Cattelan choreographs a modern reenaction of the moving of the Vatican Obelisks through the streets of Rome but this time involving four parade balloons in the exact shape and dimensions as the minarets of Hagia Sophia; and The Army Corps of Engineers: The Game.

Only a few hundred copies are printed per issue, so act fast to get yours.

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