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#faunaphilia 2
Nina Katchadourian

No doubt you're already aware of the Animal Architecture Awards, and probably hard at work on your submission. But just in case, here's part of the brief:

Animal Architecture seeks exciting projects that engage the lives, minds and behaviors of our alternate, sometimes familiar companion species — insects, birds, mammals, fish and microorganisms — each one with unique ways of world-making. As our society re-examines its place in the global ecology Animal Architecture invites your critical and unpublished essays and projects to address how architecture can mediate and encourage multiple new ways of species learning and benefiting from each other — or as we say it here: to illustrate cospecies coshaping.

The deadline to register is 15 May 2011. Check the project's website for more information.

Nina Katchadourian

Meanwhile, here are the posts we've tagged with #faunaphilia since the last retrospective. Hopefully they'll provide some inspiration.

31) Fish Ladder: a new hydrological continuum for fish to bypass brackish rivers and reach their spawning grounds.

32) Walking Apiary: foreclosed houses turned into roving urban honey farms.

33) GPS Coyotes: a tour of the city in search of indigenous cyborg fauna.

34) Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots: a selection of predatory cyborg furniture.

35) Police Bees will monitor narcotic gardens and genomic dark spots of illegal pharms.

36) Bomb Crater Fish Ponds: future urban forms.

37) Instant Wi-Fi Cloud of Cyborg Fauna: an artisanal network for off-grid living.

38) Conflict Aviary: an audio tour through human strife and environmental loss.

39) Natural Car Alarms: a new urban soundtrack.

40) Theo Jansen's Strandbeesten as Nomadic Abattoirs .

To be continued...

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