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Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil

For Lift11, an urban installations festival being held this summer in Tallinn, Estonia, architects Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil chose a “weathered and deformed” pier as the site for their temporary intervention.

Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil

There, they covered up some of the upturned concrete slabs with terrace boards on which one can sit and relax.

Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil

“This way,” as the project statement explains, “a derelict and crumbling object can be revived as part of the modern city space, opening up the seaside area of Tallinn for local people and for visitors.”

Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil

We would love to see the rough edges of the pier similarly boarded up in its entirety, though with some modulation on the surface like Vicente Guallart's microcoasts.

  • Georgia
  • August 24, 2011 at 6:33:00 AM CDT
  • Less liability conscious?
    This is wonderful -- a smart and simple intervention to make safe and accessible open space.

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