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Gardener and Mechanist in Residence

Time's Up in Linz, Austria, is looking for a Gardener and Mechanist in Residence.

Gardeners, artists, designers and engineers are invited to conceptualise, implement and document a garden and food system making use of Time's Up's unique location in the Linz Trading Harbour. The successful practitioners will be invited to work on the initial planning in late 2011 with construction and planting in Spring 2012, followed by a harvesting and review phase in Autumn 2012. The completed system and experiences from the 2012 growing season will be
incorporated into the ongoing gardening process within the Time's Up laboratory.

As it will not be possible for the practitioners to be present over the entire development and growth period, we will have a number of local apprentices maintaining the systems. As a result, successful practitioners will be asked to create a manual / troubleshooting guide describing the care, use and maintenance of the garden system over the growth [and decay] period and to host a public workshop(s) exploring resilient gardening practice. A final harvest event celebrating the conclusion of the primary growth season will be organised.

Send in your proposal by 30 November 2011.


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