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Where is Alloura Zion?

Is she performing tonight at the new formica-tiled ballroom or rental gymnasium that was craned in to the Plug-In City just a couple of days ago after the last one was partly dislodged from the framework due to too many dips? Or should I be searching for her instead in the Metabolist City, to where she and the other Legends of Vogue Dramatics were imported and cultivated as replacements for the geishas killed en masse by the recent apocalyptic earthquake?

Where is Katrina Ebony? Is she out all day visiting her couturier and the beauty salon? With so much preparation, will she make it in time to this evening's Legendary Ball, the quadrennial festival in which all the Houses in the Continuous City gather to compete in drag races?

Where is Bootz Prodigy? Last I heard he immigrated to the Toroidal Colony and got assigned to quarters in the transgender community in one of the spinning tori.

And where is Lil Kevin? Last I heard he also went orbital, then nothing after that. Was he deported from the Bernal Sphere, thrown out of an airlock and deorbited, because he was too aberrant for microgravity?

Come to think of it, where do you locate the runways in these science fictional cities? Where are the Renaldo Milans, the Kristina Tsunamis and the Daesja Laperlas in the Walking City, New Babylon and the Continuous Monument?

Do these parallel worlds even deserve these wondrous fey creatures of unfettered urbanism?

Speaking of Renaldo Milan, did he even survive his teens in the New Urbanist enclave, or was he snuffed out by the heteronormative grid when it began to suspect?

In the Garden City, some flowers are still considered weeds, I suppose.

In any case, I've found the rotund Kelly Mizrahi. She'll be battling Leiomy Mizrahi on the aerial catwalks of the Asteromo. Starting with a running jump, they'll glide through the zero gravity axis of this spacebound utopia, arching and pirouetting like Archaeopteryxes.

Spread out on the all-enveloping earth-sky-earth is a joyous, raucous sea of Butch Queens and Butch Queens in Drag.

Utopia, indeed!

  • uair01
  • January 29, 2012 at 7:42:00 AM CST
  • What kind of niche culture is this? The Neuromancer connection is not very enlightening :-)

  • Stephen
  • February 11, 2012 at 7:24:00 PM CST
  • <3 <3 <3

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