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Landscape within Architecture (within Landscape)
306090 07 Landscape within Architecture306090 07: Landscape within Architecture is intended as a foray into landscape architecture and a catalyst for exchange between students, faculty, and administrators interested in understanding and expanding the presence of landscape within the pedagogy and practice of architecture. This volume includes essays by Frederick Steiner, Alessandra Ponte, James Wines, Kimberly Hill, and others, as well as student projects by Kristin Akkerman Schuster, Elena Wiersma, and Hillary Sample.

Guest editor David L. Hays writes: “Collectively, the essays underscore four main lessons for architecture and landscape architecture. The first is that exposure to alternate theory and practice expands the way designers think about and beyond aspects of work already familiar to them. ... A second lesson is to embrace time in practical as well as philosophical terms. ... A third lesson is to get students out of the studio. ... Explorations of real space educate the body and mind in ways that cannot be achieved within the confines of the studio. ... A fourth lesson for both architecture and landscape architecture is to move beyond appropriation by engaging in real collaboration ... [H]ierarchical division of design professions that characterized professional culture in the last century should be a thing of the past.”

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