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UNESCO World Heritage List
UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO yesterday added 17 cultural sites and 7 natural sites the day before to its World Heritage List. Particularly noteworthy in the selection of cultural sites is the opportunity to compare several urban planning schemes in various geographical, temporal, and philosophical context. The breadth of examples is astounding.

1) Cienfuegos, Cuba (Spanish colonial grid system)
2) Gjirokastra, Albania (well-preserved Ottoman town)
3) Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works, Chile (South American company town)
4) Le Havre, France (post-war modernism)
5) Macao, China (East meets West meets East)
6) Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (multicultural urban settlement)
7) Syracuse, Italy (the Greeks abroad)
8) Yaroslavl, Russian Federation (18th c. neo-classical radial plan)

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