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Many of our readers leave comments to posts published weeks or months earlier, and as such often go unnoticed. Or so we suspect. Therefore, we're moving one recent comment to the front, an announcement by Alexander Schlichter alerting us to an upcoming documentary about Theo Jansen and his strandbeesten. The shooting starts today.

“From 22nd June until 6th July we accompany Theo Jansen to London,“ writes Schlichter. “There he has an exhibition at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) and the strandbeesten will walk on the Trafalgar Square. I try to write an article each day about our shooting.”

Theo Jansen

Perhaps it's entirely possible, if one loiters long enough in the general production area, that you could come away with a cameo appearance in the finished film. But anyway, while the team is shooting in London, their diary will be published here.


Animaris geneticus: or, Intergalactic planetary landscape architect

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