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Real Estate for the Future
Hiroshi Sugimoto

According to an Associated Press article that's been making the rounds through the wires since last month, Lo'ihi Development Co. is to start selling lots in Hawaii with spectacular 360ยบ ocean views for the introductory price of $36.05.

The catch: these prime real estates are still submerged more than 3,000 feet below sea level and won't surface for another 10,000 years. That is, if the submerged volcanic island will actually break the surface.

Nevertheless, the real estate entrepreneurs want to create “online chat rooms and newsletters to discuss everything from street names to what kind of government to install” and “hold a 'homeowners association' meeting — a boat ride over the volcano — every April Fool's Day.”

A couple of suggestions:

1) Hire volcanologists and supranational mining conglomerates to engineer island-sized earth-moving machines, which will orchestrate lava flows, earthquakes, undersea rock falls and sedimentation to (de)form fantastical landscapes of your own designs — orogenic espalier, this can be called.

2) Hire Dr. Moreau, or a similarly inspired landscape architect, to sketch out an ecological succession scheme to be carried out the moment the island emerges, and all the while recombining plants and animals into myriads of chimeric hybrids, which will further evolve as they wait for their new habitats — new landscapes, other ecologies.
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  • February 23, 2010 at 4:28:00 PM CST
  • where is the floating trash island?

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