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Postscripts II
Alan Berger and The Pontine Marshes

#1: The New York Times visits Alan Berger and gets a tour of his reclamation project in the Pontine Marshes. Says Berger, “The solution has to be as artificial as the place. We are trying to invent an ecosystem in the midst of an entirely engineered, polluted landscape.” Much earlier, The New York Times tagged along with the landscape architect and his class to a severely polluted mining area in Colorado.

#2: Thanks to Things Magazine, we finally learned what is now on the former site of Osaka Stadium: the green oasis of Namba Parks.

#3: The Farnsworth Flood of 2008: Blair Kamin, architecture critic of the Chicago Tribune, reports here, here and here — the comments are worth a read. Something tells us this won't be the last postscript bearing this sort of news.

#4: “Dos Personas encadenarons sus brazos al suelo en una galería subterránea a cuatro metros de profundidad para evitar, o al menos retrasar, el desalojo y derribo del inmueble que ocupan en el centro de sevilla.”

#5: Boing Boing picked up our post on Agro-veillance, and the comments there are worth a read. They create a dialogue that a lot of blogs, including ours, long for.

#6: For a different strategy than the one planned to uncover and preserve the flooded ancient city of Seuthopolis, take a look at the proposed underwater museum of Alexandria.

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