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Augmented Organs and Everywhere Ecology

Here's two more to add to yesterday's blog list. First is the Institute for Augmented Ecology. What exactly is “augmented ecology?” Well that's what the Amsterdam-based group will try to find out.

Basically it's an exploration of the field before it gets to be defined and/or narrowed down by convention. For now it looks like a one year research-period starting Jan 2011 investigating the possibilities which the field of AR offers for connecting people to their direct environment, trying to propose tangents to explore and perhaps prototype new practices or technologies.

From their most recent post, we discovered Google Earth Engine, Planetary Skin and the Living Earth Simulator, three projects that aim to collect, analyze and simulate everything about the whole planet.

Simone Ferracina

Second is Organs Everywhere by Brooklyn-based Simone Ferracina.

Organs Everywhere refers to the post-human condition of the disembodied human being, a cybernetic assemblage that challenges traditional notions of time and space. The aim of each issue is to imagine and explore ways for the technologically enhanced men and women of the future to socialize, play, design, domesticate and inhabit. The blog is a live platform where ideas from the zines are allowed to grow and evolve in conversation with academics, activists, film makers, technologists, economists, artists, futurists and designers.

On Twitter, they are @IforAE and @oeverywhere.

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