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Since it's been awhile, here's an extended list of blogs and sorta-kinda-maybe-like-blog blogs we've added to our links page in recent months, the first group being this month's additions.

DEMILIT / Near Future Laboratory / BAUFUNK / Kept Ephemera / Compleat Wetlander / fabric | rblg is our favorite reblog.

Check out CyArk Blog for the latest in digital preservation and laser scanning. / Words in Space / Design Culture Blog / Magical Urbanism

Vanishing Point / Fritz Haeg's Wikidiary / Manystuff / Parchment and Pixel / One of regular web haunts is Circle of Blue WaterNews. / We also check out Green Prophet several times a day. / BI Blog / entschwindet und vergeht / Observers Room

Into The Loop / Naught Thought / Sociolography / OUTR Blog / Breakfast in the Ruins / Markasaurus / Architecture for the End of the World

Rejectamentalist Manifesto / Landscape Suicide / Greg Lindsay is the co-author of the forthcoming book Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next. / Spéciale'Z Blog / Shrapnel Contemporary / Centre for Aesthetic Revolution / paesaggiocritico / Drawing on the Land / Bad at Sports / Cryptoforestry

Department of Small Works / This Big City / Resonant City / Spatial Analysis / A Barriga de um Arquitecto / Spatial Sustain / Spime

More next month.

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