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Detroit Salt Mine

A selection from #subterranean:

Deep Space Public Lighting, Chilean Copper-Gold Mines, Rare Earths Geopolitics, and iPhones as Portable Artificial Suns / A rogue Swiss tunnel digger's Subterranean Aeolian Farm / Speleotheraphy

In Chicago, don't call 811! / Our Solar Garden has rhizomatic subways bulbous with solar aviaries designed by Lequeu and Boullée. / In Mapping Abysses & The Catacombs of Rome in 3D, we call for a distributed network of autonomous laserscanning spelunking rovers to map out necropolises, ancient underground aqueducts, sewers, stormwater megatunnels, abandoned subway tunnels and transdimensional portals.

Three of our ultimate favorite posts: Deep-Sea Living in the Underground Tunnels of New York City / The Rhizotron of Illinois / Accessing the Wilderness, or: A Proposal for a National Park of Abandoned Gold Mines

A surprisingly high trafficked post: Dos personas en el centro de Sevilla / Cave Pharming / Call 811 to demand a National Subterranean Archive! / The Descent / From the Giant Guatemalan Sinkhole to The League of Super Amazing Landscape Architect Friends.

Negative Manhattan is marvelous! / Reinterred City / Tunnel-Digging as a Hobby / Hortus Conclusus / Helltown USA

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