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Prunings LXIV
Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan

1) Spiegel surveys the world's radioactive no-go zones.

2) Nicola Twilley goes on a tour of Los Angeles with the Center for Land Use Interpretation.

3) With Geoff Manaugh, Nicola Twilley also went on a safari through fruit-tree-filled backyards, concrete rivers and steep-sided canyons, along the way mapping butterfly waystations, big cat crossings, and feral peacock preening locations.

4) In Be Your Own Souvenir, you take a pose and a 3D printer will spit out a tiny model of you in that pose.

5) Philip Connor's Fire Season is an account of the author's nearly half decade work as a fire lookout in the Gila National Forest. Paris Review has an interview with Connor, and at the interviewer's blog are some extra Q&As.
  • Georgia
  • April 18, 2011 at 8:10:00 PM CDT
  • thanks for the Nicola Twilley links! Missed these on GOOD.

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