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The Provisional, Improvisational, Guerrilla, Unsolicited, Tactical, Temporary, Informal, DIY, Unplanned, Participatory, Open-Source Pavilion

Here's your chance to have your work be included in the U.S. Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale. The theme is “Spontaneous Interventions: design actions for the common good.”

This year's curators, from the New York-based Institute for Urban Design, are looking for projects that are “[p]rovisional, improvisational, guerrilla, unsolicited, tactical, temporary, informal, DIY, unplanned, participatory, [or] open-source.” If at least one of those words describes your project, which additionally meets the following criteria, then consider submitting it.

1. project was initiated by the architect/artist/planner/landscape architect/hacker/activist/citizen (in other words, no one asked for it), OR was initiated by an alternative client, for example, a non-profit or a community group

2. project is publicly accessible and serves the common good

3. project improves a problematic condition (solves a problem by making a place more accessible, inclusive, sustainable, beautiful, etc.)

4. project is located in an urban context or tackles urban issues in the United States

5. project is participatory in nature, or open access, and serves an underserved or overlooked constituency

6. project is realized, deployed, in action or use (not theoretical)

7. project may be a physical intervention in an urban context, or an information, communication or digital project that improves people’s comprehension, navigation and access to a city

The deadline is 30 January 2012.


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