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Mars in Terabytes
Mars Avalanche

A couple of days ago, the HiRISE Team, which oversees the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, released 9.9 terabytes worth of image data. Probably the most reported images are the four avalanches “caught in action,” one of which is captured in the photo above.

Cameras orbiting Mars have taken thousands of images that have enabled scientists to put together pieces of Mars’ geologic history. However, most of them reveal landscapes that haven’t changed much in millions of years. Some images taken at different times of year do show seasonal changes from one image to the next; however, it is extremely rare to catch such a dramatic event in action.

For more spectacular photos, you can browse through this database in retinal ecstasy.

Tornado Alleys of Mars
Candor & Meridiani
Mars Exposed

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