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On the coast

Permutations of a theme:

1) The Palms: Pruned visits Dubai for the first time.

2) Atlantis Rising: the making of an artificial archipelago.

3) Beached: the self-replicating, self-similar geology of Chicago's mercurial edge.

4) Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers: the sort of seafaring vessel you need to rehabilitate dying beaches, fortify riverbanks, recontour ports and harbors, construct offshore multi-terminal airports or realize a real estate developer's wettest wet dream.

5) Climate Ghettos: some will be saved and some will simply drop to the sea.

6) The Army Corps of Engineers: The Game.

7) The Sands of Singapore: on mineral piracy; the then still booming global construction industry; immigrant topographies; and of course, Kiefer Sutherland in 24: The Movie.

8) Galveston on Stilts: a proto-Archigram city in quasi-flight.

9) Real Estate for the Future: setting the stage for the real estate boom and bust, the cycle of irrational exuberance and spectacular crash, ~10,000 years from now.

10) The Retreating Village: disaster urbanism.


11) Pure Geography: an oceanside trail in Chile that is knocks-you-unconcsious-and-petrifies-your-soul-as-if-falling-eternally-into-the-abyss terrifying.

12) Venice on Stilts: another proposal to save La Serenissima.

13) Sand Wars: “industrial Brindisi” vs. “elegant, baroque Lecce”.

14) The Great Climate Change Park: on Ashley Kelly and Rikako Wakabayashi's winning entry for the Envisioning Gateway competition.

15) Microcoasts: Vicente Guallart's orthogonal paramecium genetically modified with an Autobot's DNA (or not).

16) A Field Guide to the Public Beaches Of Malibu: how to access your beach.

17) Fish Works: aquaculture in Brooklyn.

18) 10 Meters of Extended US Coastline: a temporary art installation by Danish artist Nikolaj Recke.

19) Operation Beachhead: Andrew Stacey's photographs of coastal fortification at Happisburgh, England.

20) Constituency of Ignorance: quoting at length Cornelia Dean's Against the Tide.


21) “A new approach to management of the American shoreline is urgently needed”: again quoting at length Cornelia Dean's Against the Tide.

22) Coastal Retreat: from a vernacular architecture of Victorian social conventions to a zeitgeist architecture of fiscal sobriety.

23) Other Bathing Machines: King Alfonso's architecturally riotous beach furniture.

24) Anti-Tsunami Landscapes: what if the Army Corps of Engineers hired Peter Eisenman.

25) This House Turns and Returns, Too: the future adaptive re-use of the future Pavilion of the Netherlands, designed by John K├Ârmeling for Expo 2010 Shanghai.

26) Nomadic Hotels and Lighthouses: wishing there was YouTube in the 1880s.

27) The Supersurface of Architectural Diaspora: of course.

28) Turkey Point Canals: a nuclear power plant's cooling canals, which are also part of a wildlife preserve for rare alligators.

29) Traces and Trajectories: Smout Allen's Retreating Village returns briefly.

30) Ebola Island: hilarious, if not frightening.


  • Anonymous
  • November 13, 2008 at 9:55:00 PM CST
  • On the photo: Beautiful, from afar, and without the knowledge of how the islands were created and are maintained.

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