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On Agro Redux
Yang Zhichao

Last year, we collected all our agriculturally themed posts in a single link-tastic post. We thought we might do the same with all the agriculturally themed posts published since then.

But first we'd like to alert our readers to two marvelous events. One is London Yields: Getting Urban Agriculture off the Ground, a seminar moderated by David Barrie which focused “on what has, is and will be done to increase the integration of food production into the city.” It was held in late May, and lucky for everyone who didn't make it, Nicola Twilley posted a wonderful summary of the talks for BLDGBLOG.

The other is Foodprint: Exhibition currently on view at Stroom Den Haag. Artists and designers in the show include Agnes Denes, Fritz Haeg and Atelier van Lieshout. The exhibition will end in August 23, 2009, but it's actually part of a 2-year-long series of programs exploring “the influence food can have on the culture, shape and functioning of the city, using The Hague as a case study.” For instance, there is Foodprint: Art projects for the city, which will involve new commissioned works. In one of these, Atelier Van Lieshout will make “a machine that turns human meat into food for pigs.” Huh? If you're intrigued (and can read Dutch), you can probably find out more about this machine at the Foodprint: Weblog.

Now on to the link-o-rama.

1) Agro Park: on the competition to design a new hyper-park for Memphis, Tennessee.

2) Locavore Utopia: Work Architecture Company's prequel to their P.S. 1 installation, Public Farm 1.

3) After the Deluge, The Farm: urban farming in post-Katrina New Orleans.

4) The Machinic Landscape of Tulips.

5) Fish Works: N.E.E.D.'s aquafarm proposal for South Street Seaport, New York.

6) Small Food Nation: tiny cows for tiny houses for tiny footprint living.

7) It Still Turns and Returns: the gyroscopic whirligigs of gravity defying cows, sort of.

8) Michael Jackson as Landscape Architecture.

9) Agro-veillance: will our horizons soon darken with a data aviary of pilotless surveillance drones kicking up a neverending electromagnetic storm?

10) South Central Farms: The Documentary.

11) Aquapod®: what would Buckminster Fuller and Archigram have come up with had they taken up underwater agriculture?

12) Oceansphere™: Cf. Aquapod®.

13) AAgrotecture 1: King's Vineyard London.

14) AAgrotecture 2: Aquaculture.

15) AAgrotecture 3: Farmacy.

16) [farming]: announcing [bracket], a new annual publication from InfraNet Lab in collaboration with Archinect.

17) Baby Farmer: a hazmat suit for USDA certified organic supplier of replicant Jude Laws.

19) AAgrotecture 4: Gastronomic Garden.

20) Ensuring the Future of Food in Japan: Good Japanese eat Japanese food.

21) Arbor tremuloides: a short clip from Our Daily Bread, a feature-length documentary produced by Nikolaus Geyrhalter.

22) A Toxic Tour Through Maryland's Industrial Poultry Landscape.

23) Tactical Horticulture: nursery for anti-terrorist shrubs.

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